Skater Dater 1965

This 16mm short film, Skater Dater, released in 1965 is an all time classic in the history of skateboarding and even short films. This is a very bad black and white copy of a beautiful color original . Posted just to share with those who had no access to seeing it at all. Noel Black's first project after graduate film school at UCLA was writing and directing Skater Dater, a short subject cinematic romance without dialogue, which used only music and sound effects to advance its plot. It won nine international film awards. In 1966, it was nominated for an "Oscar", and won the "Golden Palm" for best short film at the "Cannes Film Festival". According to Pyramid films who re-released it in 1971: An award-winning visual essay on growing up. Skater Dater follows a young boy as he emerges from childhood into adolescence. When he becomes interested in a girl, and loses leadership of the group in a test of skateboarding skills, he realizes that he is leaving his childhood for a new phase of his life. Written and directed by Noel Black and produced by Marshal Backlar. Scenes were shot in Cypress St., Lomita, Long Beach, Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes, and Torrance, California.


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